National media outlets started pontificating on something we Chicago Cubs fans have been thinking for weeks – might it be time to make a change at manager? I recognize that the manager’s impact on the actual performance of a team is minimal. But sometimes, a shakeup is all you have left.

Maybe Piniella isn’t going anywhere, but surely the thought has crossed general manager Jim Hendry’s mind, right? I mean, otherwise, he wouldn’t really be doing his job.

Despite the Chicago Cubs’ disappointing start, GM Jim Hendry says he’s “never given any thought” about replacing manager Lou Piniella.

“I’m absolutely, completely confident in Lou Piniella,” Hendry said before Monday night’s game against Colorado. “I have complete faith in the coaching staff, also. No intention of making any changes at all.”

Chicago reporters asked Hendry about Piniella’s job status because some national media have begun speculating that the manager could be in trouble if the Cubs don’t improve markedly. Yahoo! Sports.

I know, I know. What’s Hendry supposed to say? “Yes, I’ve thought about shit-canning Lou, but decided for now against it.” Of course he can’t say that.

But let’s hope he actually has thought about it. I’m not endorsing the move (yet), but it’s got to be on the table.

  • KB

    Well, the back-pocket move of any ineffective GM is the ol’ “Hey let’s fire the manager” gambit, thus deflecting the blame of the real causes for failure.

    So, of course, he’s considered it.

  • ed

    sounds like he’s about to get shit canned

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