You may remember him from such screams as “COME ON!” and “THROW F*&CKING STRIKES!” It appears that recently-released reliever Bobby Howry will be a Chicago Cub again very soon.

Comcast SportsNet has learned that the Cubs have signed veteran relief pitcher Bob Howry. He will report to the team in Texas this weekend. Howry was released by the Diamondbacks earlier this week. Comcast Sports Net.

Despite the statement that Howry will immediately join the Cubs, the team is likely to give him a look in the minors for a little while to see if he’s got anything left. Howry couldn’t keep his ERA in the single digits in Arizona this year, but he was pretty good for the Giants in 2009, putting up a 3.39 ERA and a 1.147 WHIP.

UPDATE: Paul Sullivan says the Cubs have denied the signing, but have conceded interest. We’ll see if the signing actually materializes, and if it’s just a minor league deal.

  • N

    At least they haven’t signed him to a three year contract this time.

    • Ace

      It could still happen.

  • deacon


  • jstraw


    • Ace


  • TC

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Hawkboy64

    Awww cmon Bobby howry yuve got to be kidding he sucks he throws the straightest fastball next to Kyle farnsworth is there no one in the minors better than howry

  • Jeff

    Hey, I’m sure Cleveland wouldn’t mind giving us back Kerry Wood either. Combine those two with Grabow and Zambrano and then we have the most combustible bullpen in the history of baseball.

    • Bric

      That’s true, but it would be like C-4. You’d need a fuse to set it off. I wonder if Neal Cotts is still looking for a job. Put him in there and…Blammo!