The Chicago Cubs just placed reliever Esmailin Caridad on the 15-day
disabled list with elbow problems (ruh roh), and recalled AAA reliever
Jeff Stevens.

Interesting that Stevens, 26, got the call over other AAA bullpen
options including John Gaub, Jeff Gray, Blake Parker, Jay Jackson, and
some guy named Samardzija. Stevens has a 2.60 ERA on the year, with 21
strikeouts in just over 17 innings. He’s walked 10 and given up 11
hits in those 17 innings, so it has all been blueberries and sunshine.

  • Bric

    It’s Stevens’ turn for the eleventh or twelth guy situation. he was decent last year in a similar role. With the number of lefties already producing (Russell, Gorz, and Marshall) and Grabow’s combo of age and contact, Gaub’s chances are slim and none. It was a matter of time before Stevens got the call. Gray’s health is an issue. Ever since Carridad got the premature spot guarantee back in spring training he’s looking like the guy who had to leave the continent to find a job. Parker is on the list that includes Fuld, Scales, and Mathis who are destined for the Iowa Cubs hall of fame (McGehee would have been on it, too, had the Brewers not nabbed him). Jackson’s supposedly got personality issues. Other than Cashner, Stevens is the only option left. Mateo and Dolis haven’t shown enough against quality hitting but will probably start getting their names thrown around soon if Stevens f’s up, too. BTW, Dolis is gonna be a stud reliever in about two years (barring injury).