It always hurts when a winning streak stops. It always hurts to come back from a late deficit only to ultimately lose. It always hurts to leave the tying run on third base in the 9th inning with no outs.

But this? This? This enhancement is becoming inexcusable.


  • ed


  • AJ Jackson

    Inexcusable is perhaps the kindest word I would use. Many of the problems this year can be attributed to inconsistent play, but it seems that Lou is getting very lazy in his old age. How many times this year has he brought in a reliever who walked the first two guys? It seems to happen every time Grabow comes in. And if you’re reliever cannot throw a strike then you have to get him out of there. How many games are we going to lose because Lou is too lazy to walk out to the mound and yank the guy who cannot hit the side of a barn? Send a bench coach if you’re too lazy. Jesus, man. You bring in a guy to throw strikes and get guys out. And if he can’t do that, then bring someone else into the frigging game who can. And first and third with nobody out and you guys can’t get at least the tying run across the plate? The last pitch that Ramirez swung at was nearly in the dugout! I hope Howry kicks butt!

    • brian

      While I have to agree don’t forget Lou stuck with Marmol in past years early on, I think he is just giving Grabow the benefit of the doubt, for now. Time and time again Lou has shown when you’re in his doghouse that’s it. He’ll probably give Grabow till june or july and then he’s done. As for Ramirez, he’s obviously struggling but give some credit to Contreras, once he got Castro with that slider he went right after Ramirez with it. On the other hand though, I don’t think he threw more than 5 strikes to Castro, Ramirez or Soto