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9 responses to “Cubs Set to Sign Bobby Howry Officially – Um, to Major League Deal”

  1. Dingo

    I need Valium

  2. WhippingBoy

    Upper ups have flipped their fucking lids.

  3. Dave A

    SIgn BOB HOWRY??????? are they OUT OF THEIR GODDAM MINDS??? I know the bullpen is awful, but the reason we got rid of this turd in the first place is he was terrible 2 years ago. I doubt he’s gotten better. Plus he’s dragging a 10.67 era with him?? Just let the 100th paying customer of the day pitch out of the pen. Couldn’t be any worse. Maybe scratch off tickets, you win, you pitch that day. Signing Bob Howry, doesn’t get anymore pathetic or desperate than that. GEEEEZZUZ!!!!

  4. rylan

    It will be justin berg to iowa, david patton DFA’d.

  5. jstraw

    I’m ready to see the last of Hendry and Piniella. It’s just a waiting game now. Let’s see if Ricketts has a pair.

  6. Jeff

    Well, he can’t really be much worse than Grabow is. Even if he comes in and has an era of 5 plus, he’d still be a vast improvement over Zambrano and Grabow. How sad is that?