The Cublogoverse is loaded with quality sites – including quality message boards. But I thought I’d take the opportunity to suggest checking out the best Chicago Cubs message board out there: Sons of Ivy.

No, this is not an advertisement. I’m an administrator over there – I just thought, hey, if I like the place, and you like me (you do like me, don’t you? Don’t you???), you might want to check it out.

Check it out. Good discussions, good people.

  • VanSlawAndCottoCheese

    I like this site, I like you, but I don’t like Sons of Ivy.

    I love it.

    • jstraw

      We have seven layer dip over there.

  • http://ChiCitySports.Com Rush

    What would it take to have a similiar post about ChiCitySports.Com ?

    • Ace

      It would take me being an Admin at ChiCitySports like I am at Sons of Ivy.

      I kid, I kid. Cold, hard cash should do the trick.

  • http://ChiCitySports.Com Rush

    I have a Mark Prior T-Shirt jersey I can trade, which is much more valuable than cold hard cash.

    Atleast that is what his facebook fan page is telling me.

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