Derrek Lee and Ryan Dempster. They did it all. But like the Highlander, there can be only one enhancement…


  • Yessir

    I dont know where you got your box score but the errors were on the Dodgers for a change.

    • Ace

      The official MLB site – embarrassing for them.

  • Kevin G

    Great performance by Dempster really great! Ace I have an unrelated question though. Have you ever heard of top 20 prospects from each team being traded for each other?

    • Ace

      It’s rare, but it happens. Why do you ask?

      • Kevin G

        I was thinking we could trade the likes of Carpenter, Flaherty, LeMahieu, or Watkins (Who is one of my favorite in the system) for a combination of them for a 1st base prospect who is near or ML ready but is blocked like The Rangers Mitch Moreland, or Reds Yonder Alonso. There are others but I dont have my baseball references with me. What do you think of that idea Ace?

        • Ace

          Trading with the Rangers is a great idea – but it seems smarter to me to send them one of our surplus pitchers for a guy like Moreland.

  • Jeff

    Great to see D.Lee hitting well, and Dempster pitching so lights out.

  • Kevin G

    I really like Moreland and if you go onto MLBTR forum I have been pushing for him since March. I think it would take Gorz or Wells. I dont think They can take much money because of thier ownership issues. But I would be OK with that only because it looks like Cashner and Jay Jackson could be ready.

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