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3 responses to “Andrew Cashner to the Iowa Bullpen”

  1. N

    I wonder if there’s also an innings pitched consideration here. Everyone who pays attention to these things says you don’t want a young pitcher to greatly exceed last year’s IP total or you risk arm trouble. Cashner threw 100 IP last year. He’s thrown 55 IP already this year, which would leave him on pace to zoom by last year’s number sometime in July and be way past it by September. Even if this doesn’t lead to a call up, just having him hang out in the pen for a few weeks will slow that pace down and let him finish the season.

    1. wax_eagle

      You’re definitely on the right track here. Cashner certainly would have ended up in the Iowa or Cubs pen sometime this year. I think this is just quite a bit earlier than anyone has expected.

  2. Kevin G

    This is a dumb move by Hendry! They just stretched Cashner out to be able to pitch 7 inning! If they cant work with what they have in their relief core or trade dont do it. They keep screwing with their young starters that they will need in years to come and it going to screw them up. Cashner was a closer in college but you will hurt this kid if you keep switching him back and forth.