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3 responses to “Tom Gorzelanny Not Happy About Possibility of Bullpen Move”

  1. jstraw

    I’m a little stunned that Sloth said that out loud. It doesn’t do his cause, his team or his bosses any good at all. Very stupid. He’s also wrong. He’s beginning to return to form and I suspect (read HOPE) Hendry is working the phones for solid right handed relief in trade for him. His trade value has peaked. The time is now.

  2. Kenny

    Ok I just have one thing about this whole this guy and that guy in and out of the bullpen thing going on. Why not just go with a 6-man rotation? We have an overabundance of quality starters…awesome predicament to have. But why not just have a 6th starter giving everyone one extra day off which will probably be needed before everyone breaks down..knowing Cubs pitchers. I realize that means we are 1 short in the pen but how about making a quality trade..cough Zambrano cough…or send down someone useless like oh I don’t Jeff Baker or Ramirez( or just put him on the DL). At least until we can figure out whats going on with the pen or a viable trade appears. Oh and I do not like the Cashner to the bullpen move, especially since he has been pitching so well, were going to need quality young starters real soon, Lilly,Dempster are aging and Z is just not consistent. Cubs management needs to stop doing this stuff to our ptchers just let them develop instead of going into critical during a season.

    Ugh glad thats off my chest lol.

  3. Jeff

    ”But do I think I deserve to be put in the pen? No, I don’t.”

    There is a problem here if this is the line of thinking he has going into the bullpen. It’s not that he deserves to go, it’s what management thinks is going to help the team the most. I think if any gm in baseball had to choose right now, they would put Zambrano in their rotation over Gorzelanny. I like that he wants to start but him going into a bullpen role with the attitude that he’s being punished and doesn’t want to be there is nothing but bad news for the Cubs.