The Cubs lost this one before they recorded an out. At least Tyler Colvin continues to rake. Off the bench.


  • Kevin G

    Colvin has 5 HR in 69 ABs. Soriano had 9 in 158 ABs. I think Colvin would be just fine if you started giving him regular ABs. I think is lack of a ABs is way is K are up so high. I mean he hit a Bomb off arguely one of the best pitchers in baseball.

    Ace when do we say it done? When do we decide it time to start sell. Because can you seiously tell me you can see this Team winning or even making it to the World Series?

    • Jeff

      What do you think, move Soriano back to the infield and hope he doesn’t implode defensively and move Theriot into the super utility role, moving Colvin into the starting lineup???? They’ve got to start compensating for Ramirez offensively somehow, it’s beyond obvious we need another run producer and a true leadoff guy, and the guys who were having career years are starting to revert to normal form.

      • jstraw

        Soriano can’t move anymore. He’s old. Where would you put him other than first? He’s not pushing D-Lee out.

        • Ace

          I also think Soriano at first would be a disaster.

          Soriano is a left fielder for life, if he has a spot in the field at all.

          • Jeff

            Sorry, sarcasm doesn’t come across well on Cubs blogs, there are some outrageous statements. It was pretty tongue in cheek, I’m well aware of Soriano’s defense, he can barely play left field, arguably the easiest defensive position on the field, let alone 2nd.

    • Ace

      The Cubs will wait until right up to the deadline to pull the plug, as they should. The Central is still very winnable, even for a disappointing Cubs team. If the Cards lose a key player or two, the Cubs could pull it off. And once you get in the playoffs – just get in – all bets are off.

      • Kevin G

        Hey is the big thing though Ace the Cards have some positional flaws and are beating us. Their 2B is average at best, same with 3rd and SS. All they have to do is add some more fire power and we are screwed. Not to mention I would be surprised to see them add another pitcher though trade. And I would be not e surpised if the Cards add one more bat either. Where are we going to add a set up man yeah that going to put us over the top!

  • Jeff

    Grabow’s stats on the year: 22 games, 18 IP (more games than innings pitched can’t be a good thing), 28 hits allowed, 3 hr given up, 11 walks, 20 runs allowed, ERA 9.00, WHIP 2.17, record 0-3. I don’t know how much of a chance anyone should get, but it seems like this guy has had more than his fair shot. Anyone know how Cashner and Jackson are doing in the bullpen at Iowa???

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