Good News on Both Zambrano and Baker

Quick hit update: Carlos Zambrano, who was sent to the hospital with
lower abdominal pain, is feeling fine, according to Carrie Muskat and
her trust Twitter. The pain, it seems, was food-related. Fewer 3 a.m.
deep fried pickle runs with Jim Hendry, I say.

Jeff Baker is also expected to be fine after being pulled from
yesterday’s game with a vision problem in his right eye. The problem,
it seems, (I like to say “it seems,” it seems) was an ocular migraine
- unlike their painful cousin, the ocular migraine is often painless,
but jacks up your vision. It can be re-occuring, but is often a
one-off type thing. Everyone seems to believe Baker will be fine.

2 responses to “Good News on Both Zambrano and Baker”

  1. pygreg

    So Big Z’s hospital worthy problems was actually just he ate a bad burrito…and this is GOOD news? What a dumbass.

    1. jstraw

      Quite a leap there, Kimosabe.