The decision’s been made: Carlos Zambrano will return to the rotation on Wednesday, Randy Wells will start on Monday, and Tom Gorzelanny will move to the bullpen.

Carlos Zambrano will return to the rotation Wednesday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Sunday.

Left-handed starter Tom Gorzelanny has been sent to the bullpen and will pitch in long relief for the Cubs. Zambrano had been pitching from the pen since April 24, after starting the year in the rotation. ESPN Chicago.

Gorzelanny is unhappy about the move, as he should be – none of the five current starters “deserved” to be bumped to the bullpen, and Gorzelanny was having great success as a starter this year.

You’ve got to believe the Cubs will continue to explore trades this year, moving from a position of strength. But for now, Gorzelanny will come out of the pen.

  • ed

    Ummmm, I think they tried that last year. Just sayin……….

  • jstraw

    He “should be” unhappy? Disappointed maybe. He should be a professional and do his job and not bitch to the press about his manager’s roster decisions.

    • Ace

      You’re right “should be unhappy” is the wrong way of saying it. I just mean that, were I him, I’d feel like I had my balls scrubbed by a Brillo pad when I’d asked for silk.

      • jstraw

        I hear what you’re saying but there’s more to deciding who goes to the pen than simply which of six starters has been weakest. Salary/tradability matters. Some of these guys are expendable this season and some of them have to have every effort exhausted to have them be successful in the rotation. If I were Sloth’s consigliere, I’d tell him that he has to take this practical view. Guys that are being paid a lot and will be difficult to get value for, like Z, Lilly and Dempster need to be in the rotation. Silva at 7-0 is untouchable right now. Gorz and Wells are really the only two options. And there’s still the issue of improving the pen. This isn’t just about finding a place to park an extra starter. They need better pitchers in the pen throwing ahead of Marshall and Marmol.

        • Ace

          Gorzelanny has had little to no success in his career out of the pen. Just throwing that part out there.

          • jstraw

            We have to trade him. Someone, somewhere needs a starter more than some effective, left-handed middle reliever they’ve got.

            He can go spend the rest of his life winning Cy Youngs and telling everyone how the Cubs didn’t appreciate him.

          • Bric

            True, Gorz wasn’t very good for the Pirates when he pitched relief. But at least he’s earned a spot somewhere on the roster. Grabow’s been asking to go to the DL since spring training. I honestly can’t remember a single game this season when he’s come in with the game on the line and done his job. Pitching a scoreless inning when we’re down 6-1 doesn’t count and yet he hasn’t even been good at that. Time to shut him down.

  • Kevin G

    Here are my thoughts on this whole thing. Gorz needs to be traded not to the bullpen. Cashner needs to stay in Triple A as a starter. Bring up Blake he has earned his shoot.

  • Hawkboy64

    Yu know what this is it’s a continuation of hendry not doing his job he’s given out so much money and guaranteed contracts plus no trade clauses they hve room to do anything so Lou keeps hving to mix n match into jobs they can’t r won’t do (zambrano) just a few thoughts

    • Bric

      Exactly. The surest sign of mismanagement is a team that hasn’t had any injuries, the pitchers are doing their jobs, and yet it’s still trying to figure out its rotation and bullpen in June because of rediculous contracts.