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10 responses to “Tom Gorzelanny: Reliever”

  1. ed

    Ummmm, I think they tried that last year. Just sayin……….

  2. jstraw

    He “should be” unhappy? Disappointed maybe. He should be a professional and do his job and not bitch to the press about his manager’s roster decisions.

  3. Kevin G

    Here are my thoughts on this whole thing. Gorz needs to be traded not to the bullpen. Cashner needs to stay in Triple A as a starter. Bring up Blake he has earned his shoot.

  4. Hawkboy64

    Yu know what this is it’s a continuation of hendry not doing his job he’s given out so much money and guaranteed contracts plus no trade clauses they hve room to do anything so Lou keeps hving to mix n match into jobs they can’t r won’t do (zambrano) just a few thoughts

    1. Bric

      Exactly. The surest sign of mismanagement is a team that hasn’t had any injuries, the pitchers are doing their jobs, and yet it’s still trying to figure out its rotation and bullpen in June because of rediculous contracts.