A handful of times each season, there is a game – a single loss – that plays out in such a way that it is impossible to console yourself that a loss is a loss is a loss, and even the very best of teams will lose 60 times. This was one of those times.┬áThe Cubs are now 1-6 against a team that is 15-30 against everyone else.

Blame the bullpen if you’d like, but this was on the pathetic offense.


  • gurg

    Doesn’t Vitters play 3rd? How’s he doing?

    • Kevin G

      I dont think Vitters is ready. But I wouldnt be against Chad Tracy coming back up.

    • Ace

      Vitters is still doing all right at AA Tenn (promoted a few weeks ago), but he’s just not there developmentally. He’s still very young – older than Castro, but still quite young for the bigs. It would take some crazy twists for him to become an option this year.

      • gurg

        Thanks. Well, Chad Tracy definitely deserves a shot then, like Kevin G said. If only Fontenot was a little taller and could make some of those throws…

      • Jeff

        Even if he’s not ready it’s hard to imagine him or anyone else that they put out there not hitting any better than .162. I mean, hitting .200 is considered to be rock bottom and needing to be removed from playing everyday, but to hit 40 points below that and still be the number 4 or 5 hitter is ridiculous. Hell, I think Santo could go out there with his prosthetic legs and outhit Ramirez.

  • Kevin G

    So we lose again to the Pirates! Where was Colvin? Seating on the Bench ! He is 2 for 11 off the bench, so he needs to start.

  • marc

    As cub fans, we should be rooting for the firing of lou. He’s been horrible this year. Guy pulls a 5 hitter into the sixth and pulls him? Only to let the next batter tie it up. That’s ok but with a team that has a good bullpen. At least he didn’t use grabow for once….lou is the reason we suck this year, we should be at least 500 with how some of our guys are pitching, and hitting

    • wax_eagle

      Did you watch the game?

      Wells was in 2 out jams in 4 out of the five innings. Len and Bob mentioned several times that he was pitching on 2 days rest. He had thrown 90 pitches.

      Wells did his job and honestly the pen did it’s job. Allowing 2 runs in nine innings should not be an insurmountable issue.

      Also if you were paying attention Gradbow was DL’d before the game.

  • Hawkboy64

    You know as much lip service Lou and hendry give to changing the line-up there’s very little tht they can do you can’t trade the players who hve no trade clauses and nt many others hve any trade value basicaly if lee and ramirez don’t start hitting soon the season is almost over. And the depressing part is even next yr isn’t a whole lot better the way the contracts are set up the only player leaving is lee unless u find a willing trade partner next yr will look a lot like this one

  • Kevin G

    I think we are getting very close to time to blow up this team. But Hendry as to go first.,

    • Bric

      I’m with you. Another losing series against the Pirates and it’s time to start thinking how to build for the next couple of years. Seriously! Lou needs hold a meeting, shake the f*ck out of everyone of these guys, and remind them to just go out and have fun. Hit the ball around, this is still a team with three straight winning seasons and 97 wins. They’re playing every game like it’s game 6 of the world series, make evry pitch perfect and afraid to make a mistake when the reality is right now we’ll be lucky to win 80 games. Anything less than 6-2 in the next eight games and Lou’s seat is gonna get really hot. Hendry’s too. Ricketts needs forget about his 5 year plan and realize he needs to do something now or all of his future plans for revenue, renovation, and all that other shit is gonna get contested every step of the way.

  • marc

    yes i did watch the game but i put it on mute because i cant stand to listen to baseball commentary…. yes he got into jam’s n i understand that but he got out of him…. bullpen giving up 2 runs …and u consider that good? good if you wanna be a shitty team and lous really good at doing that…lou might have been a coach like 8 years ago but not now….time to mov.e on…dump lee to someone for some prospects…same with ramirez…and i know theres no doing anything with sorianos contract… but when do we say enough? swept in the playoffs two years in a row and two straight bad starts… sorry but he needs to pack his bags…