If you thought the Cubs were actually going to win that game 2-1 going into the 8th, you simply haven’t been watching this year. This game – as virtually every loss since late April has been – was all on the offense. Lou did the right thing by switching out several of the starters, but no one except Xavier Nady stepped up.

These starting pitchers must absolutely hate the offense right now. I would.


  • JRose

    FIRE LOU!! 110 pitches and you decide to stick with Lilly, really? Look talked about we just needed one more out from Lilly, well the good managers know when to get their starters out! If he needed a left bring in Marshall or Russell. I wish for next year is for Maddux to take Hendry’s job(no way he would have signed Grabow!) and Ryno takes over for Lou. Lou has that “I’m counting the days until the end look about him”.