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6 responses to “Jim Hendry Noncommittal on Subject of Being a Buyer or Seller”

  1. wax_eagle


    where would you see the cubs adding a bat if they decided to buy? The Infield is pretty jammed and they already have a serious traffic jam in the outfield. Hendry has painted himself into a corner a bit as to his ability to bring in an impact bat at the deadline.

    I hate to admit it, but with the expriing contracts and promsing guys a year away its an appealing time to be a seller.

  2. gurg

    I’m all for it. Let’s get young. Bring in some new player and management blood and keep changing the culture of the franchise like started with the sale of the team.

  3. Willis

    Agree with selling if the team can. This season has gone to hell and there is no real sign that they can turn it. If you can garner prospects for Lee or Lilly, pull the trigger. I love them both and am huge fans of both of them, but it’s time to look to the future. The window for this core is closed. Face the music Hendry and trade away.

    And, believe it or not, I say keep Silva. I know his trade value is probably very high, but he has been the only bright spot this year other than maybe Marmol.

    1. Jeff

      I know they are struggling, but I don’t know how you can say there are no signs of turning it around. They have gotten pretty good starting pitching, Marshall and Marmol have been solid, Fukudome, Byrd, Colvin, Fontenot, and to some extent Castro have all had pretty good years to this point. Honestly, if not for Grabow and some other bullpen flunkies and our 3-4 hitters hitting like Todd Hundley, we would be right there in the central race.

  4. Willis

    Wow a Todd Hundly bomb, nicely done. You are right, but, the heart of this team is Rami and Lee. When the likes of Byrd and Soriano are carrying it, you are in trouble. I am not trying to be a pessimist, but just saying we are 1/3 through and the heart is not beating. The swings bother me for both, just neither seems comfortable at the plate. And yes Grabow did his fair share of damage, but it would really be a true 180 to turn this ship offensively. I think the pitching (4 runs or less) will be there nearly every night, but the bad managerial decisions and lack of timely hitting kills it. PED era is over, you have to manufacture runs, and this team isn’t built for it, or simply won’t do that.

  5. Jeff

    I agree 100%, I am just trying to be optimistic, it’s the Cubs fan in me coming out. I have always thought the Cubs were a better team when they were manufacturing runs and not waiting for three run homers all the time. The problem is that Aram and DLee have had all kinds of opportunities with runners in scoring position during a close game and that has been a difference that would have been at least enough to put the team at .500 or better.