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4 responses to “So Maybe the Cubs Aren’t Talking Trades with the Angels”

  1. Kevin G

    We couldnt win last year without A-ram and we cant without him this year. Lets face it he isnt showing any sights of showing up this year. We arent in the same class as the Cards. Our pitching is the only thing that is keeping us from drowning and at some point they wont be able to continue at this pace. They all but Silva have shown signs of buckling. We havent beat a good starting pitcher yet. The good teams we have beat were in a bad straight and still we didnt play well. The only reason Hendry wont gvie up is it wouls most likely mean his job! and Carrie never says anything bad about the team. She is a good lap dog.

    1. bric

      Very true. Kaplan and Muscat both love the Cubs and try to do their jobs as best they can. The difference is Muscat gets her paycheck from MLB and Kaplan doesn’t. Like any good politician or lawyer will tell you, never bite the hand that feeds you. These people live by three words…”Deny, deny, deny.” It definitely puts a damper on her credibility.

  2. Tanner

    This just made me SAD! They need to trade all of them! They all suck. Count is 3-1 and a POP UP! This sucks!

  3. Hawkboy64

    Oh no we suck again. Lose to astros it’s time for lee, ramirez, and soriano to and for colvin, nady, and fontenot to play hey do we hve a2nd baseman in the minors so theriot can sit to myb a stint on the minors would wake these guys up