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11 responses to “Teams Are Calling the Cubs About Tom Gorzelanny”

  1. Kevin G

    I have idea for Gorz and Nady, we sent them to the Rangers for on of their 1st base prospects, a B level pitcher and a PTBNL.

  2. Kevin G

    We could move 3 starting pitchers, because Jay Jackson looks like he is ready. So lets see you will waive the no Trade.

  3. Kevin G

    So Ace do you agree it time come to start a rebuild project?

  4. pygreg

    Personally, I’d rather see the Cubs keep Gorz. Our rotation is getting pretty old and we won’t have 6 starters forever.

  5. Hawkboy64

    Amen ace it’s time this team is dead they just don’t know it yet starting by trading as many players as they can and with some contracts coming up letem go I lnow it’ll take awhile to rebuild but the sooner we get started the sooner we can get up off the floor

  6. Kevin G

    Ace, I would really like to get your ideas of trades you would like to see. Any chance you could write one of your segments on that?

  7. Tanner

    The Cubs REALLY need to look into trading some of these “star” players, and get some young guys in there who want to play and will play thier buts off.