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4 responses to “Aramis Ramirez Suggests that His Slump is Related to the Thumb Problem”

  1. jstraw

    I don’t get. Refused to sit? He doesn’t make up the lineup card.

    1. wax_eagle

      My understanding is that players with Ramirez’s status as veterans have a good bit of input into whether they play and whether they sit. If they are healthy than it is in Lou and everyone else’s best interest for them to play.

      If Rami was hurt bad enough that he couldn’t perform it was up to him to say something to the team doctor or trainer. If he doesn’t speak up and it hurts performance its his issue. Everyone struggles with minor injuries through the course of the season, chances are thats all Lou and the trainers thought that this was. Turns out its worse and has been hurting his performance.

      1. jstraw

        Piniella can sit anyone, any time he wants to.

        1. ed

          If your hitting .170 in the four hole, you have benched yourself