Defense and a couple no-show-players killed the Cubs today. Still, the continued lineup shenanigans are what really gets my goat.


  • JRose

    Why do Stevens and Howry see the mound before Cashner? Lou is terrible! Baker plays well and is rewarded with Tracy going 0-5…I thought that Lou said he was going to play who was producing, he is killing us!

    • Kenneth

      Why Howry? Why does Lou insist on doing that – he kept putting Grabow in and ….. well we all know the results. Now we got his new favorite guy to blow the game. This weekend will determine if Lou finishes out the year or not. If the Cubs can’t (or won’t) compete with the Sox, I think Lou will be gone by the break.

      Play Fontenot!

  • ed

    It seems to me that Tracy should be in Iowa, and platoon Font/Baker at third. Can anybody give me a good reason why Byrd is NOT hitting clean up? Maybe I am missing something, but it seems obvious to me, the guy has been the teams best hitter to date and is obviously a leader.

  • Willis

    Tracy…he shouldn’t be playing at this level. Simple.

    Oh yeah, I’ll say it every day until I am wrong. Fukudome plays, Cubs lose. He sits, they win. Again, simple. Nice 0-5 and a miss-play in the outfield dumbass. I hate that dude.