I… Have… The POWER!!!

Powered by a powerful power explosion, the Cubs powered past the Brewers. And that makes it easy to overlook the fact that Carlos Zambrano was less than effective.


  • Willis

    Cashner is pretty badass. Bases juiced no one out and the worst thing that happens is a sac fly.

    And lookie here, as Willis says, when Fukudome doesn’t play, the cubs win. Hmmm, isn’t rocket science. The guy hurts this team.

    • wax_eagle

      Nady going 0-3 and Dome going 0-3 is the same poor plate performance. Dome’s defense is better than Nady’s was when his arm was healthy. Anyways They aren’t the problem the problem is the power guys not stepping up which happened in this game and hasn’t a lot this season.

      This Cubs team reminds me of the Sosa era teams, can’t score without the long ball. Unfortunately that era has passed us. We don’t have a guy like Sosa who can jack 60 a year (Ill ignore the obvious reason why).