You’re wondering where the actual EBS is, aren’t you? Well, apologies,
friends. The technological limitations of travel have left me without
the ability to create the EBS today. But do you really want one? It
would just highlight Jake Peavy and say something like “you’re
welcome,” or highlight James Russell and say something like “I thought
John Grabow was on the DL.”

Now you’ll never know.

  • Hawkboy64

    And I thought last summer was a long one it’s already over and there’s not enough of these underachieving overpaid players leaving so how much different will next yr be congrats to the blackhawks fr doing it in 3 yrs. And the cubs will b rebuilding yet again damn

  • Tanner

    They suck, I hate saying that but its true. I cant take this anymore. TRADE all the overpaid guys, and FIRE LOU!!!!! FIRE LOU NOW! PLease, Cubs, this isn’t fun at all.

  • Hawkboy64