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4 responses to “Ken Rosenthal Says Ted Lilly is the Logical Player to Trade”

  1. Kevin G

    I say we send Lilly and Theriot to the twins for Ben Revere and Tyler Robertson

  2. Kevin G

    I have some trade ideas do you mind if I email to you and get your options?

  3. Jeff

    I’d say to make the moves while they still have a chance to do so and still get something in return for what has been a tremendous value in Ted Lilly. Who would have thought that he would have so much more of a positive impact than Soriano when they signed their big contracts a few years back.

    They have the extra starters, so the talent loss to trade Lilly is minimal. If that works out, Silva should be considered next for a move, then gradually moving down the line trying to salvage what they can from an era of Cubs players that has raised the bar considerably, but is currently watching the window of opportunity slamming shut in its’ face.