Following his 8 innings of no-hit ball last night, which lowered his ERA to 2.90 and his WHIP to 0.995, Chicago Cubs starter Ted Lilly’s value is probably at its highest level. And given that the win he secured in that game took the Cubs to a still-lofty seven games under .500, the idea that the team might be sellers is not without some basis in reality.

It’s hard to imagine the Cubs as sellers, but if they go that route, lefty Ted Lilly would be a logical piece to move.  He’s a potential free agent with some no-trade protection but they already have two replacements in their bullpen in Tom Gorzelanny and Andrew Cashner.  Meanwhile, Derrek Lee has been adamant about not waiving his no-trade clause.  However, hooking on with a contender would enhance his value on the open market. via Ken Rosenthal.

While Lilly does have limited no-trade protection, it’s hard to imagine that he’d invoke it in favor of staying on a sinking ship rather than heading to a contender. If the Cubs do look to move Lilly, they should likewise consider moving Carlos Silva, who’s also got tremendous value at this point, but is unlikely to be a part of the Cubs’ immediate future.

As for Lee, you have to wonder if he’d also prefer to be playing for a contender right now, but unlike with Lilly or Silva, the Cubs do not have an immediate and logical replacement for Lee. Sure, they could stick Xavier Nady at first (though the Cubs would undoubtedly look to move Nady if they were selling), they could put Chad Tracy at first when Aramis Ramirez comes back, or they could call up someone like Micah Hoffpauir. None of those moves is obvious, however, and makes it slightly less likely that they’ll look to dump Derrek Lee.

  • Kevin G

    I say we send Lilly and Theriot to the twins for Ben Revere and Tyler Robertson

  • Kevin G

    I have some trade ideas do you mind if I email to you and get your options?

    • Ace

      That’s fine; it’s also always fine to post them here.

  • Jeff

    I’d say to make the moves while they still have a chance to do so and still get something in return for what has been a tremendous value in Ted Lilly. Who would have thought that he would have so much more of a positive impact than Soriano when they signed their big contracts a few years back.

    They have the extra starters, so the talent loss to trade Lilly is minimal. If that works out, Silva should be considered next for a move, then gradually moving down the line trying to salvage what they can from an era of Cubs players that has raised the bar considerably, but is currently watching the window of opportunity slamming shut in its’ face.