As of today, June 15, MLB teams are free to trade guys they signed in the offseason as free agents. That means that, as far as the Cubs are concerned, outfielder Xavier Nady is on the block.

Sure, Nady provides depth in the outfield and at first base, but as his arm strength returns, he’s going to appear to other teams as a starting-caliber outfielder signed to a bargain basement contract ($3.3 million this year). The Cubs can’t afford to hang onto a luxury like that. For what it’s worth, Jon Heyman agrees:

The Cubs are stacked in the outfield, and a trade of Xavier Nady seems likely. That could help the reduce the logjam.

Nady’s most-recently been rumored as a Los Angeles Angels target, given their hole at first base. But Nady will soon be able to play in the outfield full time, which should greatly expand the bucket of teams to whom the Cubs could send him.

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  • Serio

    Why trade Nady?? Can’t he play first base? Trade Lee and keep Nade to play first for the next 3 years.

    • Ace

      I don’t know about the three years part, but trading Lee is a possibility – if the Cubs eat a ton of his salary and he waives his no trade clause. Trading Nady is much simpler, and Nady might even have more value.

      • Serio

        Who’s going to play first next year? For the love of god dont say Hoffpauir

        • Ace

          Derrek Lee, Xavier Nady, some other free agent. Even if the Cubs trade one of the former two, those three possibilities will remain for 2011.

          • Serio

            Ace I check your site like 5 times a day maybe more…..What do you think will end up happening?

            • Ace

              Thanks for reading – I think Nady will be moved if the Cubs are 7 or more games out of first come the first week of July. I think the Cubs will be unable to move Lee. Just my thoughts on these two.

              • bric

                I think Silva and Lilly willy also be moved. Unfortunately don’t expect much back in return for any of these guys. Stevens was the key player in the De Rosa deal (John Gaub and Chris Archer were the other ones) and we can see what a great deal that was. They’ll be traded to save money and make space for younger players, and that’s it.


    I’LL AGREE with another poster. KEEP NADY; TRADE DOUBLE PLAY LEE !!! Yeah, I know; he’s a very good 1st baseman, and hits some DINGERS, but he blasts into 2 many douple plays, and always when we need a SOLID RALLY EXTENDER !!!