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6 responses to “At Least Kosuke Fukudome is Trying to Improve”

  1. wax_eagle

    I recall Sasaki visiting Dome another time during the season and that was followed by a rather productive period. Its a shame that this seems like the only guy capable of getting Dome untracked. would it be worth the cubs hiring him as a consultant if he really is the secret to making Dome productive?

  2. JK

    I thought Jaramillo was the best around, why do they need to bring in a guy’s former hitting coach to turn him around! He doesn’t seem to be helping anyone except for Byrd and Soriano.

  3. Pete H

    I’d like to improvement with him. Not sure about a possible trade going around as rumor. Kosuke is okay for now. Cubs need to look toward others for trade before deadline.

    1. ed


      Kosuke is NOT “okay” for now. Colvin is knocking the cover off the ball and a good full time ML outfielder. Kosuke is bench material! If lou sat him on the bench for a few weeks, I bet his fragile ego would crack and he would take a trade to Washington.

  4. Willis

    He sucks, get rid of him. Take some sushi in return.

  5. ed

    Maybe Rhyno would consider taking Fuk-u-dummy with him to Baltimore