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12 responses to “Bob Brenly Rips Derrek Lee”

  1. Mike

    Why is it that these comments are even published? I understand but at the same time, opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. but Brenly is not managing anyone so it’s easy for him to be critical of someone who is. I don’t agree with what’s going on with the cubs right now, but him, stone and anyone else’s comments in Chicago really doesn’t need that much light. It’s distracting and makes it hard to win in this atmosphere. Why don’t the sux get this much published besides Ozzie saying something crazy? There was no curse of them being 87 years without a WS. All this attention just to media is getting out of hand. Cubs need to make changes, true, but dang. I can see how everyone is frustrated being in a microscope 24/7.

    1. jstraw

      Bob Brenly is paid to analyze the Cubs on-filed performance. That’s his job. He’s not just an expert at baseball (and I don’t really care if you don’t think that he is), he’s an expert at explaining baseball. So whether or not he’s explaining how things work and/or are *supposed* to work during a game…or between games, I’m interested. I neither expect, nor want him to keep his opinions to himself. And in expressing his views on D-Lee’s Tuesday performance, I think Brenly was quite gentle about it and careful to acknowledge that this was an anomaly.

  2. Gargantua!

    That’s not ripping someone.

  3. Matt Clapp

    In this context, I’d say that definitely qualifies as ripping on Derrek Lee. I mean, I don’t remember hearing anything like this in regards to Derrek Lee from anybody in the baseball world. He’s probably one of the top five most respected players in the game.

    1. jstraw

      I have to assume that BB didn’t call a press conference to read those words as a prepared statement. I’m going to assume he was answering a question. What else would have said, “no comment?”

  4. Deano

    Seriously, “Rips Derrek Lee”? A bit of headline sensationalism, no?

    Brenly provided keen insight onto a 1B positioning and game play on the field, and how Derrek wasn’t doing what he should.

    This is the last headline I’ll follow to this site.

  5. Gargantua!

    Agreed…this is simply sensationalism.

    I think this qualifies as an announcer’s honest critique during a series of plays/events. Brenly wasn’t ripping Lee or grinding an ax…he speaks as glowingly of him as anyone. He simply pointed out an imperfect moment from Derrek Lee…he commented on the game.

    Lee is my favorite player, but I’m not asking him to be perfect…nor, am I asking any announcer to exclude him from a critique of the game.

    This is mild…

  6. Jeremy

    I don’t think he ripped him at all to be honest. I don’t think he said anything that Lee himself wouldn’t have agreed with.

  7. nj pearson

    To keep getting what you’re getting, keep doing what you’re doing; Lee didn’t play like that again.