The Randy Wells performance and the late inning heroics were sufficiently awesome to overcome the bitter taste of what appeared to be a still-struggling offense. It’s the first series win in nearly a month, so we’ll all take it.

And I’ve been waiting all season to say this…


  • bric

    Ace, I usually get your enhanced box scores but I’m lost on this one. Sorry, but somebody help me out…

  • bric

    Is it a song???

    • Ace

      It’s a very old video game reference.

      • bric

        Good one. I’ll see your vague video game reference and raise you two: “Fight!” and “Get over here!” Anyone?…

        • Ace

          I preferred Smoke to Scorpion.

          • bric

            I bet you’re a big Lee Marvin fan, too.

  • TC

    You have no chance to survive… make your time.

  • DaveB

    I get it Ace, very fitting!
    Its about time Fuku stepped up, was this his first career walk-off RBI?

  • jstraw