Admit it. The Cubs came back just enough to piss you off. Defense was once again the primary culprit, though an early exit for Carlos Silva (and, thus, early entrance by the bullpen) didn’t help.

Lou Piniella inexplicably inserted Tyler Colvin – a guy known for a good batting average, good slugging, but not particularly great OBP – into the leadoff spot, against a lefty no less. It worked, sort of: Colvin was on base three times, but his biggest contribution was a three-run homer. That’s a middle of the order hitter, Lou.

And oh how I’ve missed one of my favorite enhancement targets…


  • hawkboy64

    i know ive complained about alot of things b4 but when did we become this poor defensively and while im complaining what the hell is lou doing batting colvin leadoff like i said b4 good teams find a way 2 win bad teams(see cubs) find ways to lose one day no offense , the next day the pen implodes the next day the defense does us in or any combo of those its time 2 blow this up now i know its easy 2 spend others money but anyone willing 2 take fukedome even if the cubs hve 2 pay alot of his salary at least yull hve a spot fr colvin and nady will get some at bats then find a sucker 4 zambrano please!! ill go pout now thanks fr letting me vent go cubs anyways

    • ed

      pretty much

    • bric

      Zambrano’s no trade clause is pretty air tight. That means he’ll only go where he wants to go. I think the bullpen experiment served alot of purposes. It briefly ended the six starters question and tried to answer the setup guy role (either for us or as trade bait). Unfortunately it didn’t work so it lowered his already questionable trade value. The combination of his salary, no trade clause, mental issues, and poor performance basically rules out all possibility of a trade during the year. Even the Astros or the Orioles would prefer to see young kids instead of his cooler bashing, pointing to Heaven, “I’m a home run hitter” bullshit. If he could just get back to pitching maybe it would change, but I doubt it.

      • Ace

        Indeed. Zambrano is a Cub.

  • Kevin G

    Ace did you hear JD Drew jus went down with an injury last night. I think if the Cubs are will to bend and some creative thinking Like throw in a prospect or 2. We can move Fukudome and get a 1st base prospect in the same deal. Ace what do you think?

    • Ace

      I think the Cubs need to suck up and eat a whole bunch of money. That would do it.

      • KevG

        What do you think of this we eat 30% of Fukudome and send Watkins, Carpenter or Flaghetery to the Sox and get Lowell and One of their 1st base prospects like Anthony Rizzo.

      • bric

        I doubt any trades will happen beofre Ricketts gets back from shooting zebras. By that time I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cubs 12 games out. As a businessman, he’d probably look at eating salaries as additional start up costs he’s gonna have to make. It’s gonna be an even more uncomfortable next three weeks for Hendry, Lou, and all the veterans.