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6 responses to “Chicago Cubs First Round Pick Hayden Simpson Got Paid (Less Than Recommended)”

  1. KB

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be a fan of an organization that occasionally did the safe, smart move? Even just for a change of pace?

    Wilken is trying to hit a freaking 500-foot homer on every draft pick, instead of just hitting singles and doubles, and getting the run in.

    Welcome to Tyler Colvin, Part Deux.

    1. Matt Clapp

      You mean the Tyler Colvin that’s batting .304, with 8 homers(in just 112 at bats), and a .976 OPS in his rookie season? I think it’s time to give Wilken credit for that pick. He took a ton of crap for it. Even if Colvin sucks from here on out, he’s still already done more than many players taken ahead of him will.

      1. KB

        Yes, that OPS this year is better than the career OPS’s of Mickey Mantle, A-Rod, and Hank Aaron.
        In 100 at bats.
        Are you on the side of “small sample size,” or the side that says “Wilken picked a player who is better than Mantle, A-Rod and Aaron?”

        Sorry if I choose the pessimistic side.

        That said, I still am very much in favor of trading Fuk, Alf or anyone it takes, so that we can see if Colvin is indeed for real. because, like you, I love watching the guy play ball.

        1. Matt Clapp

          It’s a very small sample size, but it’s not so much the numbers even. He’s been hitting some monster blasts and has shown he can absolutely destroy a major league fastball. He needs to learn how to lay off breaking balls and certainly improve his patience, but his talent is quite evident, and you can see why Wilken made the pick. The Cubs saw a player with solid tools offensively and defensively, and thought he could develop power as he put on muscle weight. That’s what has happened.

  2. Hawkboy64

    Another brutal loss

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