Since the Chicago Cubs are facing the Seattle Mariners for a three-game set, starting today, I suppose it’s fair to offer a brief post on former Cub Milton Bradley.

And it will be brief.

In case you were wondering how he’s been doing with the Mariners, the answer is not well:

In 49 games and 196 plate appearances, he’s hitting .215 with a .303 OBP and a .360 SLG. He’s struck out 53 times (the worst pace of his career), and his OPS+ is just 82.

That word for which you are searching is schadenfreude. Oh, or douche.

And he’s still the likable character he’s always been. When asked for an interview this weekend by the media, his response?

“Beat it. No chance.”

Keep the dream alive, Milton.

  • bric

    “Beat it. No chance.” Milton Bradley, still fighting the good fight against the man. Stand up, my brother!

  • Sara Kmiecik

    Milton Bradley – the ultimate team player….

  • Mordecai Brown

    Even if it was for just one season, we need to be thankful for the benevolent, glorious presence of Milton Bradley on our humble ballclub. After all, without him we might have finished 2009 barely above .500. As natural leaders and star ballplayers go, he is the champ.

    • rylan

      He is also a mega douche

  • KB

    He once saved a cuddly puppy from a fire.
    One time, on a $15 dollar tab at a restaurant, he flipped the start-struck waiter a twenty, winked, and said “Keep the change.”
    These are facts. All the other stuff printed about him is heresay.