We already knew that the Chicago Cubs had talked to the Boston Red Sox about outfielder Kosuke Fukudome, but it seems that was just the tip of the iceberg. According to Dave Kaplan:

Several baseball sources have confirmed to me that the Chicago Cubs have been extremely active in trying to move Kosuke Fukudome to open up regular playing time for rookie Tyler Colvin. Fukudome is owed approximately 8 million dollars for the remainder of this season and an additional 14 million for 2011.

My sources tell me that Cubs GM Jim Hendry has offered to pick up the bulk of the remaining dollars on the 2010 commitment and half of the money in 2011 but so far has found no takers for the under performing right fielder.

That’s a hefty sum to be picking up with no takers to speak of. Fukudome is owed nearly $14 million next year, so it’s hard to imagine the Cubs having to eat much more than $7 million of that in order to move him. It is possible that what has actually held things up are the Cubs’ demands on the other side of the trade.

Of course, if the Cubs are going to eat that much of Fukudome’s contract, I do believe it’s fair to expect at least a decent prospect in return. And make no mistake, if the Cubs dump Fukudome – which, given his limited role, they should – they absolutely should do so for prospect(s). There is no need to try to find a current Major Leaguer to “fix” the 2010 Cubs. I’m not saying this team is beyond repair, but whatever the Cubs need, they aren’t going to get it in return for Fukudome. Take the prospect(s) and run.

  • Kevin G

    Did it say who they were talking to?

  • KevinG

    Ace, would you be against trading Byrd?

    • Ace

      Not at all; he’s a piece with value, and probably doesn’t have a future with the team beyond next year. However, to trade him halfway through the first year of a three year deal would be viewed as pretty asshole-ish, and could scare away future free agents.

  • Willis

    Get rid of him. He is a slap hitting worthless outfielder who does nothing for this team.

    • bric

      At least he brings some positive vibes for a change. With that being said, this season’s just about over (even though we all continue to watch). It probably is time to start moving as many veterans as possible to change the look of this team. Two questions: whats his no trade clause look like and what’s he worth on the trade market? He’s one of the few vets I would mind seeing him back next year because of his defense and work ethhic. I think he and Dempster are the only two veterans that fall into the “trade only if the price is right” category.

    • jstraw

      Are you talking about Fuk or Byrd? If you’re talking about Byrd, you’re insane.