In Dave Kaplan’s piece about the Chicago Cubs working feverishly to trade Kosuke Fukudome, he offered some additional information about the team’s ardor to make other trades at this time.

I have also been told that upper management is being extremely patient despite the poor performance of the Cubs so far in 2010. They will wait a few more weeks and evaluate the club’s position at that time before they determine a course of action in advance of the July 31 trade deadline.

via Cubs Trying to Move Fukudome – Kap’s Corner.

You have to wonder how long the team can actually stick to that schedule if (a) they keep losing, and (b) other teams start to come calling. There are going to be some eminently tradeable (and attractive) pieces on the market come the deadline – we just saw one in Cliff Lee. The Cubs might be wise to try and beat other teams to the market with guys like Ted Lilly, for example.

  • Butcher

    Please start dumping them now. I can’t stand the sight of this team.

  • Kevin G

    Ok Ace, I have another trade Idea! Lilly to the Phillies for Jonathan Singleton 1B, Matt Ways LHP, and Yohan Flande LHP.

    • Ace

      I like where your head is at – Lilly should be shopped, and fast.

      • Kevin G

        Ace when you get a chance look up Singleton. I think you will like what you see.

        • Ace

          Singleton looks like a very high upside prospect, but I’d much rather the Cubs be on the lookout for a ML-ready first base prospect to replace Lee next year. Singleton looks he won’t be ready for a few years at least.

          • Kevin G

            I think in the right organization he maybe on the fast track like Castro was. But in the Phillies organization, he will be blocked by Howard for a long time.

  • rylan

    Im watching the game right now…and did Milton Bradley just step to the plate with ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem playing? Wow lol

    • Ace

      I didn’t catch it, but that’s hilarious.