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9 responses to “Carlos Zambrano Has Lost It”

  1. jstraw

    Certain elements of these reports are not supported by the video.

    1.) Z is passed Lee when he begins yelling and he’s clearly not yelling at anyone in particular.

    2.) After Lee turns and paces back the other direction, still yelling, Lee says something to him, reported to be “STFU.”

    3.) THEN Z directs his tirade at Lee and is cut off from Lee by Piniella, Rothschild and Soto.

    4.) Piniella and Rothschild take Z up the tunnel.

    5.) During the next inning, Z is seated on the bench once more and Lou walks to him and pats him on the leg. Things seem to have cooled down.

    6.) Later, Piniella is quoted as saying Z needs to apologize to his teammates.

    7.) Hendry suspends Z and is a font of quotes.

    I still have not read anything that confirms Z was ever sent from the ballpark by Piniella.

  2. Hawkboy64

    I wanna be a number 1 strter , I wanna be paid like one, what I should pitch like one , What a fucking turd it’s really old and we took gorzaleanny out of the rotation fr this put Carlos back onto long relief and let him sit there frever gr all I care trade him if u can otherwise. Let him sit

  3. Tanner

    send him to AAA and see if Sanburg is ready for the big leages

  4. Umpirejim

    Send him to class a ball let ride the bus for a year or two , I guanantee you he’ll be beggin to get out of his contract.

    1. bric

      Zambrano is either a 10-5 guy or close to it. So somebody help me out (Randy, if you’re reading) what is the possibility of sending Z down to the minors? I’m pretty sure he has the right to refuse. I understand that these posts might not be serious but I’m just wondering what the options really are.

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