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Wow: Carlos Zambrano Really Did Have Dinner With Ozzie Guillen Last Night

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After yesterday’s Carlos Zambaster (that’s Zambrano and disaster together – I’m cool), Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen seemingly joked in the post-game press conference that he and Zambrano would be having dinner that evening, and Carlos “would have plenty of time to get a reservation.”


So, yeah. He wasn’t kidding.

11:15 p.m. Having dinner whit carlos and his family. Great dinner a lot fun and talk. Ozzie Guillen’s Twitter.

I know that the two are friends, and thus, on that level, I have no problem with them getting together for dinner.

But seriously? After what happened yesterday? You’re going to go out with the opposing manager, and yuck it up with your families? You’ve just been suspended by your team for being a total megadouche. If that’s me, I’m at home sulking, feeling like a poop monster.

Let’s hope the two were at least discussing Carlos’s eventual transition to the South Side.


Brett Taylor

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