The 2010 Chicago Cubs have been fans of using up all of their offense in one game. Today was no different – coming after the first two games in the series, which were also typical of the 2010 season – though they ended up needing almost all of those runs thanks to a 9th inning implosion from Carlos Marmol. Gotta love those using-the-closer-in-a-non-save-situation situations.

  • Kevin G

    I dont know if you were going to put this up. I am sorry if I am stepping on your toes but. Did you hear that the Cubs Promoted Brett Jackson and Dolis to AA (side note they are two of my favorite prospects) and they Promoted Trey McNutt ( ok you can stop laughing now) to Daytona.

    • Ace

      Thanks Kevin – it’s going up. Just hadn’t prepared it yet. I always appreciate the information, though. Post that kind of stuff any time – you’re never stepping on my toes.

  • Kevin G

    Jackson went 2 for 5 with a HR in 1st game in AA.

  • Kevin G

    Hey Ace My Wife (Who just completely Rocks) Just got me tickets to the XM future All Star Game. So I will try and take pictures of Brett Jackson and Hak Ju Lee when I am there Ok!

    • Ace

      Nice! Enjoy the game, and whatever you get is awesome.

  • Tanner

    Hopefully, the Cubs wont loose 2 of 3 this series.

  • Willis

    Lookie who didn’t play, and lookie who won…..Fukupoopoo is garbage.

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