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2 responses to “Lou Piniella is Officially Out of Ideas”

  1. Tanner

    He has no fire behind him anymore. Remember two years ago (I think), he went off on the umps when they played Atlanta, and the Cubs went on a good winning streak. That is what they need now, and there is NO FIRE in the dug out with Lou in there. I think it is time for a change. Maybe even let Brenly coach the rest of the year.

  2. Willis

    I don’t hate Lou as much as some fans have begun hating him. I still like him ok…but he has mismanaged this team this year, trying almost too hard to be too creative to get things rolling. His hands are tied some from Hendry’s decisions, but this hasn’t been Lou’s finest hour. If he is let go in favor of Brenley or Trammel, I am fine with it.

    As far as what to do…don’t ever play Fukudome, maybe give Cashner a shot at starting and move Wells to the bully, hit Byrd in the 3 hole, Colvin in the one and Castro in the 2.