The Chicago Cubs will be permitted to place Carlos Zambrano on the restricted list beginning tomorrow, and Zambrano will be starting “treatment” on Wednesday according to¬†Carrie Muskat.

Jeff Stevens is expected to be called back up from AAA Iowa to take Zambrano’s roster spot. No word yet on how long Zambrano’s suspension will be or what exactly his “treatment” will be. I’m going to guess it’s going to be less intensive than Milton Bradley therapy, but slightly more intensive than herpes topical.

If Zambrano really does need therapy, I feel slightly worse for creating pictures like this (however appropriate they may be):

carlos zambrano crazy

  • Lokanna

    Love the pic Ace!

  • bric

    Only a matter of time before he ended up in the looney bin. Now maybe a doctor can tell us how old he really is. 29? Really? Did Hendry honestly believe that when he gave him the contract? He’s at least 35 and lied about his age just like Farcal, Tejada, Beltre, and every other “16 year old” kid from Central America where birth certificates are written on a bar napkin.

    • Scarey

      I don’t believe there’s been any documented cases of faked birth certificates from natives to Venezuela. Also, it happens to be a South American country.

      • bric

        That’s true, most of the issues MLB has had with players faking their ages are from the D.R. and it’s a huge generalization to assume that all Latin American players who look like they’re 40 probably are. But it was also a huge generalization a couple years ago to look at past and present photos of Barry Bonds’ hat sizes and assume he was on steroids. The point was how stupid and blind Hendry’s defense of his contract in 2007 is. “He’s got 10 more years of baseball in him.” Yeah, right.

  • marc

    is it safe to forget about this season and start looking to the future of the cubs. Like in 3 years seeing Brett Jackson in Center, Colvin in Right, Cashner starting , Castro at short , Vitters at 3rd , Micah Hoffair as First , a mature Soto behind the plate, and a high profile signing with a bad contract in left (to be announced at later date!) and theriot at short? Sort of excited to see what we do by the trading deadline. We have to be sellers right?

  • marc

    i meant theriot at second*

    • ed

      I seriously doubt theriot will still be with the cubs in three years