Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 1, Cubs 3 – June 29, 2010

Sometimes David beats Goliath.

Big thanks to Alfonso Soriano for pulling a Sammy Sosa with a couple solo home runs that made the difference between win and loss.

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6 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 1, Cubs 3 – June 29, 2010”

  1. KevIn G

    Ace, question what do you think about moving Tyler Colvin to 1st at the end of the season? I cam up with the idea back at in mid April, but got pummeled on MLBTR forums. So I didnt suggest it here. But resently Carrie Murriat and Paul Sullivan have brought it up, so what ur option Ace.

  2. Willis

    He did play 1b in college some, but really, no need to put him there now. He is where he belongs in the OF and if you take him out of the OF…who plays? Nady is a part timer and Fukudome, well, is plain garbage.

    1. Kevin G

      I was thinking next season anyway. If the Cubs can make a couple of trades like I hope. It easied to for an OFer then a 1st baseman. So move Colvin to 1St next season. Maybe Jacson will be ready at the end of spring training and move byrd to Rf or trade him.