Sigh x5. Good pitching. Bad defense. No offense.

  • Kevin G

    Ok Ace it now July and the Cubs are 10 back, time to cough up those trade idea.

  • Tanner

    Told ya, they would loose 2 of 3 from them. I agree with Kevin G. Let the trade talks start. Remember, there some good FA next year, so lets shed some money! Everybody is available!

    • jstraw

      Hey, everyone on the Internets, the word is “lose.” (grumble)

      • Ace

        Not if you’re talking about your mom.

        (that is just a generic “your mom” joke, by the way – not saying anything about your actual mom)

  • Willis

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, time to get what the team can for what they have. Shutout by the Pirates…at home, and yet 37k+ showed up to witness it. I don’t what’s worse, this team or the fans that pay money to see them play. There will be no changes with nearly 40K showing up for games still. Ricketts is simply laughing to the bank. Who cares about winning when the pockets are that swollen.

    Again, Fukudome starts and leads off, the cubs lose. Go figure. Simple math Lou, dude is a worthless piece of crap.