Mark Prior: Coming Back Since 2006

I do not have any animosity for Mark Prior. In fact, by now, I feel little more than sadness for the 29-year-old sure-fire Hall of Famer that wasn’t – well, I feel as much sadness as one can feel for a guy who banked a $10.5 million signing bonus.

Prior, for his part, still hasn’t given up the dream.

Right-handed pitcher Mark Prior, who came out of USC with a hype along the lines of Stephen Strasburg, is still trying to piece his injury-plagued career back together.

Prior, 29, will work out for major league clubs at USC on Wednesday. Prior, who has not pitched in the big leagues since going 1-6 in nine games with the Cubs in 2006, has been working with USC pitching coach Tom House, the former big-league pitching coach who has worked with Prior since his high school days in San Diego.

Most major league teams are expected to have a scout in attendance. FOX Sports on MSN.

Good luck to Prior, whose success will be measured by a single pitch thrown in a Major League game.

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