The Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox discussed a Mike Fontenot trade before the Red Sox acquired Eric Patterson, according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports.

Fontenot is a versatile infielder with a decent lefty bat. He’s cheap, under control for several more years, and doesn’t necessarily have a set future with the Cubs. That sounds like a tradeable piece, and with many teams out there dealing with infield injuries, if the Cubs are sincerely considering moving Fontenot, they’ll find a taker.

One reasonable question, though: why were the Red Sox considering Fontenot only before they acquired Patterson? Did Patterson really fill their need as well as Fontenot could? Patterson is a guy who was DFA’d by the Athletics after hitting just .204/.255/.408 on the year (well, I guess that IsoP is pretty darn good), and who has a career 71 OPS+ (Fontenot’s, for what it’s worth, is a not great – but much better than Patterson’s – 93).

Further, Patterson is really more of an outfielder at this point than an infielder, having played just 10 games total in the last two years at 2nd base.

It seems to me, if the Red Sox were considering Fontenot because of injuries to guys like Dustin Pedroia (as opposed to injuries to guys in their outfield), they should still be considering him, regardless of the Patterson deal.

  • wax_eagle

    Sounds to me like the Cub’s asking price was too high. Jim will have to ask for reasonable return–not the moon–if he expects to get value from all of the extra pieces that he has lying around. The Cubs should have a lot of pieces that fill voids for contending teams, it would be criminal not to trade them soon and get better value out of them.

    • bric

      Ditto for Silva. Though I expect Hendry will wait until the all star break in hopes of a seven game winning streak before trading his most reliable starting pitcher. But if the overall thinking was simply to dump Bradley and his contract then that mission’s already been accomplished. He may as well try to dump 2/3 of Silva’s remaining contract and get a decent prospect in return. Then either move Cashner to starter or bring up Atkins and see what he can do.

      • wax_eagle

        I’d have to guess that the Cubs have no real thoughts of Cashner starting this year. If they did then he would have stayed a starter in Iowa and come up after the break. I wouldn’t look for him to start this year at all.

        Dumping Silva may be a good idea, if they can get value, if not then he may be more valuable over the off season when there is even less left on his contract. I would imagine that if the Cubs trade one or two starters than we would see Jackson and someone else currently in the Iowa rotation rather than Cashner.

  • Willis

    Worst part of all this talk is that the rotation, no freed of the moronic z, is not even close to the team’s problem. Four QS in a row from this bunch. I know there is talent out there to get from the likes of Lilly and Silva, but you hate to see those two go because they have been by far the most consistent players on this team. Unless it is a real talent grab I would love to see them extend Lilly at least for another year and keep Silva, but if it is being torn down, those are your best bargaining chips. Just a shame they have done such a good job and the team overall has been a letdown.

    • bric

      I agree it sucks and is disrespectful to move the few players that deserve to stay more than any other. Unfortunately they’re the only ones who are gonna get much attention from the contending teams. What’s really a shame is now we know how the fans of the Indians, Pirates, K.C. and a couple others feel being considered sellers in June. Haven’t been that in about 10 years.

  • http://none Edelweiss

    I think the Cubs want to keep Fontenot around until they see how things play out. If they go for a fire sale, they may want to trade Theriot, who costs more, and in very unhappy being moved to second. It is not fair to Fontenot, but ,since when do the Cubs care about their players?

    • bric

      If Hendry’s still GM he probably will keep Fontenot so Carrie Muscat can continue to bring up the fact that Fontenot was the hidden gem in the Nomar trade. Gotta pad that resume.