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2 responses to “Zambranogate: Ozzie Guillen Says Zambrano Has Talked to the Cubs”

  1. pygreg

    Therapy only works if the person undergoing treatment WANTS to change. Neither Ozzie nor Z strike me as the type of guys who would recognize their own need to change.

  2. Lokanna

    Hendry was on Mike & Mike yesterday morning and stated he had been in touch with Zambrano, so perhaps Ozzie is referring to discussion with the Front Office? Hendry said that he was also in contact with Zambrano’s agent, the Players Association, and the League to secure the professionals that will be sitting down with Zambrano. My guess is that he’s referring to those types of discussions.

    One tidbit that I found interesting (and how Mike & Mike didn’t drill down further on is beyond me) is that Hendry said Zambrano wanted to apologize to the team but the front office told him he was not allowed to. They informed him that he needed time away from the team and thus, suspended him.