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Month: July 2010

Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot Have Been Traded to the Dodgers

Per multiple reports, the Chicago Cubs have traded pitcher Ted Lilly and second baseman Ryan Theriot to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Part of the return is expected to be second baseman Blake DeWitt, but no word yet on dollars and the rest of the return. We’ll keep you posted. UPDATE: Looks like the Cubs are […]

Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot Are Almost Gone

Multiple reports indicate that the Chicago Cubs are close to sending Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers for Blake DeWitt and prospect(s). It looks like it’s going to happen sooner or later (well, I guess sooner, given that there are but a few hours left before the deadline). We’ll keep you updated, and […]

Theriot May Be Key to Lilly Trade

It sounds like the Dodgers are reluctant to trade for Ted Lilly (or at least are reluctant to pay any of his salary) unless Ryan Theriot is in the deal. Why they have such a hard on for Theriot is unclear to anyone who has, you know, watched him play. The ball appears to be […]


Lukewarm Stove: Ryan Theriot Believes He’ll Be Traded Today

Chicago Cubs second baseman Ryan Theriot told his friends yesterday that he expected to be traded by the Cubs today, according to Gordon Wittenmyer. Theriot, who is making $2.6 million this year, is under team control through 2011, but given his salary and lack of correlative performance, he’s a non-tender candidate. Don’t expect the Cubs to […]


We Hardly Liked Ye: Cubs Release Bob Howry

Carlos Zambrano has officially come back to the Cubs, and because the team hasn’t traded Ted Lilly yet (the clock is ticking, Jim), they had to make a corresponding roster move. That move was the release of one Robert Howry. And there was much rejoicing. Howry, who turns 37 on Aug. 4, was 1-3 with […]

Hak-Ju Lee Will Not Be Promoted This Year

The Chicago Cubs have a long track record of in season promotions for their better prospects. The team’s philosophy appears to be something like: allow the kid to find some success at his present level, and then challenge him to finish out the season playing against tougher competition. That’s why the decision not to give […]

Lukewarm Stove: Dodgers Want Ted Lilly AND Ryan Theriot

With trade partners dwindling, the Chicago Cubs might be able to package two of their movable parts together in one deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers are talking to the Cubs about a trade for both left-hander Ted Lilly and second baseman Ryan Theriot, according to a major-league source. It is not known […]

You Aren’t As Interested in the Chicago Cubs This Year

It should come as no surprise that, as the Chicago Cubs become less competitive, interest in them wanes. I see that experientially here, and we all notice it in conversations with more casual fans. But the drop-off this year has been dramatic, and it has been markedly awful in the TV space. Ratings on Comcast SportsNet […]

Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Whither Mets and Twins?

Soon after the Philadelphia Phillies bowed out of the Ted Lilly acquisition dance, it appears that the New York Mets and Minnesota Twins may also be heading home alone. The New York Post has reported that a Lilly to the Mets deal is “very doubtful” because the team is not willing to take on the […]


Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Will the Angels Enter the Fray?

When the Los Angeles Angels acquired Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks, most assumed their pursuit of a starting pitcher was at an end. And they almost certainly would have been right. But then yesterday, Joel Pineiro suffered a left oblique strain that will keep him out for the next six to eight weeks – a […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Astros 8 – July 28, 2010

I’d seen enough of Bob Howry the day he slipped back on a Cubs jersey, and I’d hazard a guess that, to the extent anyone else disagreed in the past, they’re on board now. Also, Carlos Lee has stunk all year – but he crushes the Cubs. Speaking of dude’s who suck but crush on […]

Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Bundle of Rumors

A trio of rumors has popped up on Twitter regarding the Cubs’ efforts to deal Ted Lilly: The market for Lilly has picked up, according to Stark. The Tigers are involved, and so are the Dodgers, Twins and Phillies. The Phillies have inquired on Lilly, according to Rosenthal. Ed Price of AOL FanHouse hears rumblings […]


Jim Hendry: We’ve Tried to Trade Derrek Lee, But He Declines

According to Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry, the Cubs have entertained offers from both the Angels and the Rangers over the past 10 days, but Derrek Lee has declined to accept a trade. Lee has informed the team that he prefers to finish out his contract year with the Cubs, and, as a guy […]

Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Twins Want Ted, But Ted May Not Want Twins

The Minnesota Twins are reaching out to the Chicago Cubs about Ted Lilly and are willing to take on the remaining $4 million of Lilly’s deal, according to Ken Rosenthal. Awesome, right? Well, the hitch is that the Twins are one of the teams on Lilly’s partial no-trade list. Rosenthal suggests that Lilly would consider going […]

Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Are Ready to Move Carlos Zambrano

File this one under “Rumors That Are Obviously True, But Almost Certainly Don’t Matter.” ESPN’s Buster Olney is saying he’s heard that the Chicago Cubs are informing teams they’re ready to trade pitcher Carlos Zambrano. Which, like, duh. It’s highly, highly unlikely that Zambrano is moved during the 2010 season. Instead, the Cubs will hope he […]

Obsessive Ted Lilly Trade Watch: Scouts A-Plenty Last Night

If Chicago Cubs starter Ted Lilly is not traded before Saturday’s trade deadline, it won’t be for a lack of visibility. Eight top scouts were on hand to watch Cubs left-hander Ted Lilly and Astros right-hander Brett Myers pitch on Tuesday night in Houston. Both pitchers are coveted by numerous teams as the trade deadline […]

Lukewarm Stove: Rockies Considering Ryan Theriot

A recent swoon has taken the Colorado Rockies from definite contenders to possible sellers. If they decide to stay the course and compete, they might look to add a versatile player like Ryan Theriot. Theriot, 30, is an interesting name since he wouldn’t figure to be just a stopgap at second base. He’s a .287 […]

In News That Isn’t News, Aramis Ramirez Likely to Stay With Cubs

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs online sphere blew up reporting that third baseman Aramis Ramirez was likely to exercise his $14.6 million player option at the end of this year, to remain with the Cubs in 2011. I did not immediately report this factoid. Why? Because I’ve been assuming he’d exercise the option since he was […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Astros 6 – July 27, 2010

I can’t emphasize enough how difficult it is to face a Major League lineup – yes, even one as terrible as the Astros – in consecutive starts. That makes what Ted Lilly did all the more impressive. Of course, by definition, it makes what Brett Myers did even more impressive (or what the Cubs’ offense […]