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4 responses to “Scott Rolen Knows Why the Cubs Always Lose”

  1. jstraw

    At the end of some season, the entire infield should be excavated to a depth of 25 feet and facilities such as Rolen describes should be constructed in the manner of an underground parking garage. Then the infield should be replaced on top of it. It should be accessible via tunnel from the clubhouse, dugout and future Triangle building.

    You think I’m kidding?

  2. ed

    I’m guessing he didn’t go to college

    1. bric

      Actually I’ve heard too that if the triangle building ever gets built they’re gonna dig up the street to put in a connecting tunnel. I realise that’s a big difference to digging up the whole inn field but I’m just saying it’s possible.

      1. jstraw

        It’s more than possible. The impediments would be cost and whatever’s already down there. This is peanuts compared to something like the Big Dig in Boston. Here’s an example. When they built Kansas City International airport in the early ’70s, the centers of the three big C-shaped terminals were flat parking lots. A couple of decades later when that was no longer adequate, the excavated that ground to a significant depth and built below-grade, multi level parking structures. In Chicago, wasn’t this done under Grant Park? There’s some nice acreage right under the field at Wrigley.