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3 responses to “Ted Lilly to the New York Mets?”

  1. Kevin G

    I am not overly excited about the Mets farm system. I like Reese Havens, but he is a middle infielder. But I guess they could try him at 3rd, he as the arm for it. And I have a felling that Vitters future is in the OF. If the Package is centered arround Haven and 2 pitching prospects I would listen.

    1. bric

      The Mets have an infielder named Nick Evans who just got called up. He has alot of power but is blocked by Ike Davis at 1st. I would like to see Hendry get him or Davis. If it meant sending Vitters the other way in the deal, I’m fine with that. Vitters is soon to become the next Ryan Harvey/ Corey Patterson/ Felix Pie/ Need I go on further.

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