While the New York Mets remain a possible destination for Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly, they might not be able to take on much, if any, of his remaining $5 million owed this year, according to Buster Olney.

That means that, in order to trade Lilly to the Mets, the Cubs would have to eat the vast majority of that $5 million. On the upside, that means the return from the Mets would be more attractive.

  • Kevin G

    Hey Ace at the Fututre All Star game and staying for the Legends and Celebrity Game. Guess who is going to be one of the Celebs Maria Miller! How about the Ace?

  • Ace

    No way! That’s hilarious. She better be wearing a Cubs jersey.

    • jstraw

      And The Shorts!

      • Ace

        Why in the world would you want that?

        • jstraw


  • KB

    What’s the point of shedding Lilly, only to pay him to pitch for another team? Unless the Mets have a kick-ass prospect to swap, I don’t get the upside.

    BTW, with the Yanks trying (hard) to get Cliff Lee, and failing, it seems like they’d be in the market for someone exactly like Lilly. They have the money, obviously, and didn’t Lilly used to pitch in the Bronx?