Thanks to Carrie Muskat for collecting the following numbers:

Atlanta: 40-12

San Diego: 42-5

NY Yankees: 44-2

Cubs: 26-19

Tampa Bay: 35-10

St. Louis: 33-11

San Francisco: 31-12

Seattle: 30-13

White Sox: 34-9

Those are the records in one-run games for the teams with the most one-run games this year. Notice anything?

That’s right. Not only do the Cubs have the fewest wins in one-run games out of this group (and they’ve played in the fourth most), they also have the most losses. The explanation for playing in so many one-run games, yet having so many losses and so few wins? 2-1. 3-2. 1-0. 4-3. Those are the losses with which we’ve become all too familiar, and virtually all can be pinned on the offense.

EDIT: Wow. Total misread of the numbers. Those are the records in games in which the team allows 3 runs or fewer. The point remains the same: it’s an indictment of the Cubs’ offense. That’s what I meant to say, but between retrieving the stats and writing up the post, it got transformed in my brain. Internets 1, Ace 0.

  • BT

    Ace, I think you are reading this wrong (or I’m reading you wrong). A 26-19 record in one run games is actually pretty good (and the Yankees 44-2 record would be astounding). I think that is the record for the Cubs in which they held the opponent to 3 runs or less. Which is MUCH worse.

    In other words, Cubs pitching has managed to hold an opposing team to 3 runs or less 45 times. The Cubs, miraculously, have managed to LOSE 19 of those games.

    Or maybe I’m missing something.

    • Ace

      Yup – it was a total biff on my part. Retrieved the stats yesterday with the intention of making that very point, and then in my haste to put the post together, I forgot what the records were. Updated to reflect my bumblings.

  • BT

    For the record, the Cubs record in one run games is 11-20, which the stat guys will tell you is astoundingly unlucky.

  • KB

    Yes, 11-20 is very unlucky.
    But as the main post points out, we’ve stunk at scoring runs, especially in close ballgames.
    The Yanks are 44 and 2 when they get a good pitching performance? Sheesh.