The San Francisco Giants are in a battle out West, and are falling slowly out of the race. Thus, they’re looking to shore up their team as baseball heads into the second half.

The Giants also are in the market for pitching and they had a scout at Wrigley Field last week watching Tom Gorzelanny, who is very appealing to clubs because of his low salary and ability to start or relieve.

Of course the Giants are interested in Gorzelanny – as would be most teams. He’s cheap, under control for a couple more years, can start or relieve, is a lefty, and is rockin’ it this year. Incidentally, those are all the same reasons the Cubs would have to receive quite a haul to trade him.

Speaking of the Giants, they had, at least at one time, an interest in second baseman Ryan Theriot, whom the Cubs are unlikely to tender a contract at the end of the year (though they might try to re-sign him after he’s non-tendered). We haven’t heard much on this front, however, in a couple weeks.

  • Kevin G

    Ace, the Giants have a 1st baseman in AA named Brandon Belt. He is just mashing! So I wouldnt be upset if they can pick him up.

  • bric

    Ace, this is a little off topic, but a month ago you ran a list of some good trade rumor web sites. Anybody know of a good one to read that isn’t just filled with rumors from two weeks ago or fans rambling on with inside jokes? Just askin’.

    • Kevin G

      The is good.

      • Ace

        Prosportsdaily is also not terrible – but both of those sites are aggregators (not unlike BN), so you won’t get original rumors. Best spot for original rumors (i.e., heard this from a friend of a friend type stuff) is probably Northside Baseball. Tell them I sent you. And then they’ll shrug and go, “who the hell is that?”

        • bric

          Kevin G- thanks for the tip. Ace- thanks for the chuckle.