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10 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Rockies Looking at Ryan Theriot?”

  1. Kevin G

    Ace, I got to meet Brett Jackson, had a 10 minute convertation. Seem like a really down to earth kid. Dont have alot to report about his play, because he didnt go much in the game. He walked and K’ed, but he was one of the only players that didnt try to take it out of the park during BP. Hitting line drive all over the field and practicing bunting for a hit. But he did hit a couple off the wall.
    Hak Ju Lee looked really good, has a very flat stroke so, I dont see alot of power from him. But good range and really good speed.

  2. dk

    Was the looking quickly followed by retching?

  3. Dingo

    Are you going for irony with the stove picture Ace? From experience, it would have taken a lot of heat to damage a stove to that point where the steel is warping and the enamel has melted off. ;)

  4. rgrchicubs16

    why dont we trade gorzalany for a prospect and mark de rosa! De Rosa loved chicago and even metioned coming back…once again a stupid bone head trade by Hendry! Hendry needs to be fired…Soriano is hitting again and Aramis is coming around..i still havent given up on my beloved Cubbies…nobody in the central is running away with division…Cardinals have bull pen problems..and lets face it the Reds are lucky…we all know how dusty baker manages…look at Mark Priors arm..the poor guy still hasnt made it back to the bigs! i agree with trading fukadome and getting some prospects in return..the problem is the Cubs are bulit for winning now…and the payroll…Soriano is playing way better than last year..i thought he played good enough to make it as a sub for the all star game! still alot of baseball left!!

    1. bric

      I’m pretty sure DeRosa’s out indefinitly with a botched surgery so I don’t think that’ll work.

  5. Willis

    Holy shit you must drink a lot of blue koolaid dude. Soriano may be better than last year, but no ass hole deserves 18 mill a year to hit in the .260s. And yes, it’s time to give up. The Reds and Cardinals are simply better put together teams. Dump all you can and rebuild. The window has closed for this group.

  6. rgrchicubs16

    its hard to move soriano and his salary…i get that and yes…i came out of the womb a cubs fan win or lose! i was 12 yrs old when i saw steve garvey and his home run trot i saw the total melt down in 2003..very expensive year…was so pissed threw my lap top out of the believe me i know its hard being a cubs fan!! i have family members die and never see the cubs win the big one…i have the same wish as every cub fan out there… its know lou pinellas fault…all the blame should go to hendry …the ricketts should fire him and try to get a cashman or beane…we need to keep some veteran leadership like aramis and d lee…iam anxious to see the second half kick off…lets do this!